Remi Gaillard.

The French version of Jackass. This guy is amazing. Watch his “Bat” video, and every other one for that matter. He even has his own version of MarioKart where he drives through the streets in a mini-car throwing turtle shells and bananas at other drivers. I’m in love. 

Broward College South Campus Nursing program.. Preparing me for be good nurse.

Ultimate kitten snuggle @ Yahoo! Video


What a rainy Monday and what a lame music video : /  The song is still great, though.

Shiny Toy Guns- Rainy Monday

banacrisp said: Rebekah Bright?!

Yesh ^_^ Hi Cheng!

Deep Blue

Did you know that the Great Barrier Reef is the only living thing on Earth that is visible from space?  Did you know one of it’s largest environmental threats is a starfish called crown-of-thorns?  It eats the coral. 

(this was the deadliest looking picture I could find)

I’ll go there one day.  I’ll scuba dive all up in it and I’ll destroy the starfish.  All of them -.-

Great Barrier Reef

Number 4 on my travel list.

This brightens my day.

This brightens my day.